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{one could say so much on the subject...] one could say so many things on the subject of catching time, and losing love and always, yes always miss the point; [you made] perfectly clear in all your words of history, learned wisdom and your anecdotal, yet for the most part, objective inquiries. I enjoyed you, in more than just the allegorical sense of the word. There was never an indifferent flavor tasted, more so a fatigue with dead ends, and split beginnings that parted ways, that led the heart astray from the mind and in hindsight, leads one away from the thing known to be needed but attempted to live without. That too is subjective; however, wouldn't you agree that one could say so much on that sort of thing? So much on rediscovering truth, rediscovering what renamed your advances as unnecessary but then again you were never into the unnecessary steps taken behind only calculative steps that forged ahead, hop-scotching cracks and memories that clashed with your bulwarked definition of self… into which, I could have never broken in-- not even if I tried. I could never pursue you, not in the clichéd sense of the term anyway, and accepting my position as onlooker, I looked at you, and looked at you, closed my ears and eyes and looked at you, and it became so clear. One could have said so much about that moment, the clarity those years that disintegrated into a series of moments where we canvassed history, religion, love and politics theories and fables, and long lost matters of the heart where we teetered around the rims of empty water glasses made poetry leap from the pages and into our hearts; are uncalculated and cannot be rushed or explained with ease, cannot be bound to a time signature. It is both sharp and flat both held and released the [de]crescendo…. oh, I don’t know. I just know that yours beat a rhythm

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