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Every person thinks that they have the best parents; and honestly, they do! Parents are supposed to be our role models. They are supposed to be there for us no matter what. Sometimes that is unfortunately not the case; but in my case- both of my parents are in fact outstanding! Even at such a young age I can remember my parents homeschooling me, my brother, and my sister; and taking us around the United States in an RV- sightseeing. We would all have these ridiculous games where dad would ask us kids crazy trivia questions over and over until- eventually, we remembered the answers. Also; typical families simply hire contractors to build a house- or fix one. My family did it all ourselves. When you’re a child you cannot exactly build a house…but you can help carry 2x4s! How many people can honestly sit down and fix their own plumbing, lay down carpet or tile, hang drywall, do electrical work, or even repair brake lines on their own cars? I can! Thanks to my mom and dad, my siblings and I learned how to do things that have- to this day- been beneficial to us in our own lives. Unfortunately when my brother enlisted in the army he was injured in basic training- at a mere 17 years of age. After his brain injury things at home got challenging. It almost seemed as though everyone was on the edge all the time. My parents sold their home and we all moved to Virginia so my mom and sister could go to school at Liberty. Both of my parents had to put their life on hold simply to take care of my brother. To this day they take care of all of their children and provide all the love and more they possibly can to all of us kids. They are both working on their Master’s degree at Liberty now- and we still have those quirky trivia quizzes every now and again. I guess what I am trying to say; is without the love and care from my mother and the fun, knowledge impacting love from my dad- I

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