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She takes his hand tentivly, as fear creeps up her spine, She thinks to herslf surley he cant be mine. His smile a kind of piercing warmth that fought through the fear and found her heart and she finds herself unwilling to part. He pushed her far and he played his games she fought so boldly just learn his name. She pryed and pered over every wall forgetting what it was like to fall. She found his heart and she grabed on tight to hold onto love through darkest night. And how it sang a thousand songs to show him love and bring him home. She took his hands with finders crossed she danced with him and took his hat off, She layed him down apon the ground and kissed him gently without making a sound. Her hands gently caressing his hair her lips a soft red and maiden fair She cuped his face with hands of gold and emparted stories which had never been told. She smiled to him a gentle smile she stopped to take in his breath for a while, Hearing only the beat of thier hearts she shed three tears of sorrows past and prayed that this was a love that would last. With trembling lips and body of ice she lent in further truley willing to pay any price. For to her this was the heaven untold the love that made her so beautiul and bold. She held her heart out on her sleve and begged him dearly never to leave. She gazed at him with eyes of love and told him he was what she had been dreaming of. She dipped one toe, two, three and four, She let her heart run wild and free, The blissful wind blowing through her hair the gaze of his unending stare, Her body shivered as he took her hand and she felt as though she had been braught to another land, Where dreams came true and life was bliss if only I could feel his kiss. Her mind a blank of blissful sleep her dream had been realised and she wanted to weep She cherished every moment and every touch

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