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Love? I am so disinterested in “love” in the context of patriarchy. I have no use for it. It is honestly fucking stupid to me. Period. When “love” for Black women means fetishizing sexually, disregarding regularly, street harassing, assaulting, raping, murdering? It is of no use to me. When “love” for Black women is juxtaposed to the amount of service—emotional, intellectual and physical labor—that Black men consume haphazardly? Bye. When “love” means “follow these rules and maybe I won’t harm you…today” at best and “well Black women deserve harm, duh” at worse? Goodbye. A lot of time is spent discussing “love” and “hate” towards Black women as if these differ in the context of patriarchy and in the context of misogynoir. I am not interested in “I looooove Black women” as a statement from Black men and not as an interpersonal and structural praxis. I DO NOT CARE. AT ALL. In fact, I find it highly fucking triggering for Black men on or offline to even suggest they “love Black women” when their actions do not confer it. I genuinely do not care what someone’s opinion is on whether they “love” or “hate” Black women, as actions of these words are interchangeable. Until the way violence happens—as rationalized, as even cheered when the victim is a Black woman—changes, Black men’s declarations of “love” for Black women still isn’t praxis. For me, these Black men’s useless declarations of “love” for Black women that requires no decolonization, no receipts, no praxis? Not of

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