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Lee Character profile for Lee from the Tomorrow series by John Marsden Solid, dependable, loving, passionate, considerate, caring, listening, thinking, mature, indifferent, withdrawn, introverted, aggressive, vicious, murderous, psychopathic; Lee is one of the most interesting characters in the “Tomorrow” series. Lee starts as a fairly common character type, a highly intelligent introvert. A nerd for want of a better term; but a music nerd rather than a computer one. He does not have good social skills but has all the normal human emotions, which he therefore tends to keep bottled up inside. This, of course, means that when he finds an outlet, such as music or Ellie or combat, the interest is intense. A fairly typical ‘obsessive’ type personality. Until the coming of the war Lee had two major escapes. Music – piano and violin – at which he excelled. And war/horror movies – which he would watch when he couldn’t sleep. He was obviously quite a lonely boy. With the camping trip Lee is exposed to quite a different environment and quite a different group of people. An outsider to start with (he was not in Ellie and Corrie’s circle of friends and was invited along because Ellie found him ‘interesting’) he fits in well and is certainly part of the group by the time they return home. In the initial response to what they find Lee is strong and sensible. It is not until he is shot, finds his family has been captured and his home ransacked that other attributes start to dominate. Fundamental to Lee’s character is pride, and its flip side, shame. Lee is shamed by what has happened to his country, his family and to him. He is desperate to strike back, to carry the war to the invaders and make a difference. One of the main things Ellie finds attractive about the plan for the attack on the bridge is that the idea brings so much life back to Lee. Extract 1: Lee, an

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