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Love Essay

  • Submitted by: anthonyp
  • on November 15, 2010
  • Category: Arts and Music
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The Shape of Things: An Exhibition Gallery
A: Not a big modern art crowd,   I guess, huh?
E: Hey..Glad   you stopped by.
A: Yeah, well, I didn’t really have anything to do..plus, I can't really show my face   in the streets, so it seemed logical.  
E: Look, Adam, I know that--
A: Please...   just refer to me as "it".. or, uh, "untitled." It'll help me keep some perspective here…that’s gonna shoot some piece of data all to shit, isn’t it?
E: Doesn’t matter now, do what you want…you’re finished.
A: “You’re finished.” Wow. Most people just say “hey, sorry, can’t marry you.” And they say it in private..
E: Yeah, that might’ve been a bit too far.
A: Oh shit, Evelyn you are so beyond “far” that you’re in danger of hitting Uranus. And I mean the planet
E: See, you’re still funny…
A: Just stop, alright? I was never funny, ever, or good-looking or clever. I was nothing until you started dicking around with me. I admit it. No-thing. But you know what? I was absolutely find with that…
E: I know that this a lot for you   to take in and everything, but I-
A:Uh-huh…I got a little Gregor Samsa thing   goin' right now, so..
E: I don’t get that
A: Doesn’t matter, I do…I get it.
E: Listen, I know my work relied on not telling   you what was going on but i…
A: Here in a “small town” we just call it lying…
E: I did lie to you, yes…
A: Yeah just a little. “I’m a very straightforward person…”
E: I had to say that. Sorry.
A: You're sorry? Well, that good..i figured I was gonna have to really work to get that one out of you.
E: I’m not sorry. I mean, not for what   I’ve done. I just feel bad that you’re so upset…
A: Oh, I see…
E: I even thought maybe you could handle it. I did really..otherwise I wouldn’t have invited you tonight.
A: Yeah just me and two hundred of my closest friends.
E: Adam, you don’t have any friends. You gave up the only ones I’ve know you to have. Gave em up pretty easily..
A: geez..don’t hold back at all, please. Call it exactly how you see it....

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