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The Next 25 Years Marketing Article #1 1. It’s always difficult to predict the future, especially the future of marketing in the next 25 years. Socially, politically as well as culturally gears are constantly changing. Future behaviors may not follow the same patterns. Too many variables are intermingling in irregular ways for a balanced hand to paint a detailed picture of tomorrow. But there is an exception: demographics. The demographic book on 2025 is already written, as most of the people who will be alive in 22 years in this country are alive today. 2. Americans are living longer, birth rates hold steady and immigration continues to pace. The nation will increasingly be dominated by people over the age of 65. Ethnic groups are also another market group in which will experience population growths. This wide expanse of growing humanity means that nearly every market segment will expand in numbers over the next 25 years. The biggest growth market by far, will be the 65 and older set. In 2000, this group included 35million people about 12 percent of the population. By 2025 the number of seniors will double, to more than 70million people. 3. By 2025, the term “minority”, as it’s currently used, will be virtually obsolete. Non- Hispanic whites will still be the majority race in America, but just by barely. According to projections, the share of non-Hispanic whites will fall to 60 percent by 2025, from 70 percent. The Hispanic population will double to more than 68 million from 35 million today growing from 19 percent from 12 percent. The number of Asians will also double, reaching 24 million, or7 percent of the population, from its current 4 percent. 4. The population growth will combine with increasing diversity to create an ever growing list of market segments. Niches driven by ethnicity, attitudes and interest will proliferate. The market place is

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