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Angelo Fioravante English 102, 601 Dr. Jun Zhao Rhetorical Analysis Essay 23 July 2009 On Serving in Florida Barbara Ehrenreich fully submerges herself in the life of an American blue collar minimum wage worker with a job waitressing at Jerry's restaurant and housekeeping in the adjacent hotel. She takes jobs without listing her credentials as a journalist and pays rent on a trailer without using money outside of her life earning $8 an hour or less. Barbara's strong character, personal experience in the workforce,charged with an emotional description of real life issues, and use of hard facts makes Serving in Florida a credible and fair example of the difficulties of low income American life. These are what you will write about in your body paragraphs. Barbara's credibility is bolstered in her coverage of surviving below the living wage because she actually sought employment in the under $8 bracket. Ehrenreich illustrates her induction into the workforce describing “the base pay of $2.15 an hour” bemoaning the “obligation to share tips with the busboys and dishwashers, we're averaging only $7.50 and hour”. The income from the restaurant barely enough to survive off of Barbara lands a second job, housekeeping, that she calls her“dream job”. With two jobs at minimum wage, one of which she has to split with busboys and cooks, Ehrenreich is truly qualified to call herself a blue collar worker. Long Hours and a hastily gobbled Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich are a common experience for anyone who is reading her piece. After a hard shift at Jerry's she drinks a cup of coffee and becomes the invisible housekeeper cleaning bathtubs, vacuuming around neatly packed tourist luggage with a “middle aged African American woman” who is missing her top row of teeth. Barbara's everyday interactions with her coworkers who can't fly back to the big city and leave the

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