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Heteronormativity is constantly exhibited throughout social media, and has become so incredibly prominent that society has become oblivious to its endless exploitation. Not only is heteronormativity advertised to society through the media, but it is accepted as the correct way of living, as most churches view heterosexuality as right and natural; gay marriage is illegal in 36 out of the 50 states; and words relating to homosexuality are commonly used as insults. A heterosexual human is usually not affected by these continuous exploits, and it might be hard for them to be anything but oblivious to the insidious effect that the messages of heteronormativity have on a homosexual human being. It is not until it is brought to a person’s attention that they are able to identify society’s sneaky way of reinforcing heteronormativity, and underhandedly nixing homosexuality. Upon closely examining heteronormativity in children’s films, it becomes clear that gender roles are illustrated to extreme lengths, with heteronormativity being slyly exemplified—particularly in Disney Princess films. A specific children’s film produced for young adolescents which exemplifies heteronormativity is in the Disney film, Snow White. The first way heternonormativity and stereotypical gender roles are exploited in Snow White is the scene right before Snow White sings a song titled, “Someday My Prince Will Come.” Prior to the start of the song, Snow White tells the story of a princess (referring to herself) who fell in love with a charming Prince, who she believes to be the only one for her. Two of the seven dwarves respond to Snow White by asking her if the Prince was “strong and handsome,” “big and tall,” or if he “said he loved you,” or “stole a kiss.” Snow White then starts to sing and says, “he was so romantic, I could not resist.” This accurately manifests the exemplification and

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