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I cannot remember clearly how long I have never written essay since last time.I also cannot find any proper words to describe my feeling being depressed which seems so paradox that I doubt whether there is necessary to spare no effort to maintain the close relationship when confronting with your sharping words which indeed hurt me .It is acknowledged that it is unbearable for me to feel that there is destination,being so distant, where I felt never arrive at no matter how I trying to do as you told me to catch you.You told me what you want me to do is just because of proving that how much I love you and make me love you more than before,However,have you gonna known the attitude you perform towards me render me feel a kind of exhausted .To be honesty,I am being frighten to think we will never come back the golden days we have own .I know everything you have done and the pain you went through in order to be with me,which touch me to think you are the girl deserving loving and caring in my lifetime though I had long held the idea that it was a waste of time in the wonderful time.I admit that whatever I will do cannot make up for what you have done for me.So I just choose to want to accompany you,listen what you complain about ,and inquire about whether you adapt for the everthing or not,Generally speaking,I could load the burden and take anything not serious once I personally think it does not deserving time to manage ,except you,the girl I love deeply.I am fond of telling you everything I expriment in the name of one of the most important person or boy friend rather than to make me feel it is too hard to express my care as that which any average friend can do.Morever,The hard truth is that I gonna want to be unique in your eyes and take the responsibility as well as take good care of you when being with you.Surely,There is no denying that I may not be the person who

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