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Alaina Ferraioli Professor Maria De Vaconcelos English Literature 201-Section 001 The masquerade of love I am a hopeless romantic, I cry during movies, regardless of its genre. When I see couples in public giving affection to one another it touches me to my core. My perspective on love is fairly realistic; I believe it means to be: each other’s best friend, to be supportive, respectful and communicative with each other. Love is like a bright shiny day after a long, cold and grey winter. That first day of sunshine makes you feel happy and hopeful of a bright future. Hot days become your best friend just as your partner should when you are in love. It is he who fills your heart with joy and laughter and takes away the lonely, empty, grey feeling you have during a dark cold winter. The same can be said for a solider at war. It is when they correspond with a loved one at home or even a stranger that the fear and loneliness gets taken away, just as it did for Lt. John Blandford in the romantic story Appointment with love by S.I. Kishor. In Kishor’s story, Lt. Blandford corresponds with a young lady, Hollis Meynell, with whom he has never met; and yet despite the lack of physical introduction they find comfort in each other’s letters, to which they form a meaningful bond. Having been in a relationship it is hard for me to imagine living in the middle of a scenario in which one will not know when or where they will meet the person they are to subsequently love. Furthermore, when they finally meet said person it is difficult to imagine what kind of love it will blossom into as love varies in its forms (e.g. romantic, friendship, etc.). Some believe that when people meet it is a chance encounter and others, whom are of religious beliefs, think God brings us together. It is a debate that can go on for hours, yet, I can say with certainty that I believe

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