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Love Love is all about love. How it can be united and how it can do its part. Why is love so important for this story? Love can really turn everything around and that is what it does in this story. I will explain much more about love in this essay and what it means in connection to the story. In the beginning we are introduced to the main characters Miranda and Michael, both of them eighteen. They are lovers, a couple who love each other very much. But when Miranda has to go to school in Boston, they have to say goodbye. The night before she will be leaving, she and Michael drop into a place called Mulholland Drive. This is here the foundation for the story takes place. Miranda get’s pregnant, but she doesn’t know that yet. While she is at the school, she’s living with a friend, Holly. It seams like Holly’s crazy and almost outrageous deeds, makes Miranda sure in her relationship with Michael. But when she finds out that she is pregnant, she gets scared. Just until she’s about to tell him about it. She makes a joke, just to loosing the tension. Michael asks her “trick or treat” and her answer is “Trick” – “I’m pregnant”. He offers her to married him, but to begin with none of them seem to be sure. But after all the convince each other. They might seem happy about their decision, even though none of them dare to say it out loud. A part of their conversation consists of the sentences: “Are you sure you want to”, then she answers “of course I am. It just sounded strange, saying it” and he answers back “You didn’t say it”. Them saying this makes them seem unsure about their acts, even though you can sense them loving each other. Of course Miranda has to tell her parents about the pregnancy, and they are not particular glad to hear it. In a way they convince the young couple not to have the baby and not to get married. Still Miranda and Michael seem to want to

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