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“I could feel my heart pounding harder than a drum.” Nothing but mixed emotions and anxiety running through my head. Riding a roller coaster has its ups and downs. In comparison loving someone has somewhat of the same characteristics. Relationship between two loving people is similar to a roller coaster, steep turns, ups and downs are guaranteed. These situations can make you feel scared and risky. It tickles your nerves, and makes your heart beat faster. In many relationships people are going to go through, what they call, a roller coaster ride. If the significant other cheats on his or her it can cause several problems in trying to have a stable relationship. To have a stable relationship a couple must trust each other. It’s like going up a hill on a roller coaster. Many people never know if they will make it to the top. Then boom! Down hill people go just like a bad relationship. Sometimes when people think the relationship is in the clear it is not because the husband or wife will never be able trust the spouse again or it will take a while. The exhilarating rush felt while going down the long and steep hill of a roller coaster can still be felt even when not on a ride. Love can bring that same feeling. Roller coasters only make the feeling last for a second or two, but love can make the butterflies last for years. Riding a rollercoaster and being in love can bring fear, sickness, and excitement. Sometimes you feel so euphoric you feel that you can fly so high and sometimes you feel like holding on for your dear life not understanding the ride but most of the time you feel the rush. Once you feel that love getting stronger and everything seems so perfect, bam everything goes down hill. Just like if you were going up a 90 degree hill then you feel that fall getting closer and your heart racing at fast

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