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persuasive essay believe in love at first sight……? Love is not lust…. Love has to grow…. Love is often one sided ….or a young spirited romance Love is a mystical feeling that is too often confused with many other things in this life, and to say that two people can magically fall in love: “at first sight” would somehow seem to be impossible and naturally incorrect. You see I don’t believe in love at first sight for many reasons. “Love at first sight” would have to be highly considered with the possibility that “love” is not love at all, but “lust at first sight. Being as young as I am (16) I would love to find comfort in the miss guidance of the “love at first sight” theory, however I have already been witness to a real life tragedy of watching one fall in love and not be loved in return. How can something like “love at first sight” be so one sided if it were real”. My final arguing point… is this love simply takes time. I know that our society today is custom to “looks” and we seem to depend on attraction at first sight. Love is to often a secondary emotion. Lust on the other hand comes natural and primarly focuses on one’s apprence. Many judge people like books, by the cover. Sadly, lust seems to be more prominent then love. Many people look good at first sight so love doesn’t really matter. Love only seems to come into play once things move to a higher level. One could say that love of for the UN superficial. Love at first sight …. A wonderful dream of emotional secerty based on the possibility of finding mr or mrs right in a single instant. For some it might be true. However I have known people to fall madly in love but never recive the same love in return. If love at first sight were possible, one would hope that if it happened to you then you would also find love. One sided love is a nightmare and those who believe in love at first sight believe

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