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“The first man who, having enclosed a piece of ground, bethought himself of saying This is mine, and found people simple enough to believe him, was the real founder of civil society. From how many crimes, wars and murders, from how many horrors and misfortunes might not any one have saved mankind, by pulling up the stakes, or filling up the ditch, and crying to his fellows, "Beware of listening to this impostor; you are undone if you once forget that the fruits of the earth belong to us all, and the earth itself to nobody." Said Rousseau on his book Discourse on Inequality, 1754 The development of institutionalized inequality is a series of tricks played by the powerful on the weak, and so too is the ultimate foundation of civil society. This quotation emphasizes the extraordinary nature of the creation of property. It is after a strange act, which necessitates a supply of gullible people to witness it. Most likely, than man who came up with this idea was someone who feelings were that of his own existence, and his first care that of self-preservation. He founded it easy to manipulate these people because people let man like this do it. Civil society is a trick perpetrated by the powerful on the weak in order to maintain their power or wealth. People would do anything, including minimizing themselves for just little wealth or power. To me some even have no respect for each other; all they think is that it’s either me or me. Rousseau is very clear that the link between property and inequality is a direct one. Once property has been created, institutional structures emerge to fix it in place, and mankind is then "lost." Wars and conflict result from property because, as Locke says, "without property there is no injury." However, just as human development is irreversible, Rousseau sees no real way to return to a state in which the Earth was "no-one's." It was

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