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Love is much different today, than in William Shakespeare’s play of ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ In his play he writes of Romeo (son of Montague) and Juliet (daughter of Capulet), the children of two rivalry families. In the play, love emerges when Romeo and Juliet meet for the first time. They are unaware their love is forbidden. In this case, Romeo and Juliet’s love has a negative effect on their families. The play provides an understanding that passion shared among two has its consequences. Romeo and Juliet express their love through physical interaction and emotion. Romeo and Juliet engage in a kiss, when Romeo concludes “let lips do what hands do.” The pureness of love is expressed through a religious act, which portrays love as sacred. They also convey the belief that love and memories of love are worth preserving, even if it results in death. I don’t know much about love, but today’s love doesn’t seem as passionate and strong as it use to be many years ago. Many individuals use the word ‘love’ to get what they want and say it so freely when they don’t even mean it. In today’s society a lot of people have forgotten what it’s like to be in love and how it feels. It seems that many people today, fall out of love so quickly and don’t even try to fix what is missing in their relationship, they give up so easily. You would think that if they were in love once, why not work together to find love again. Instead, there is a growing rate of divorces because no one seems to want to put in the effort or time to work things out to solve their relationship problems. Back then Romeo and Juliet were so in love and so passionate with each other, that not being together was too much pain to bear. Now a day, people don’t want to make such a sacrifice, because it’s just easier to give up and move on. Sometimes I wish love wasn’t taken for granted. Ice cream is a frozen and soft

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