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Skylar Dolphin Instructor Alford Eng.1301.08 19 February 2013 Love What is love? It’s one question we can find our self-asking over and over but come out with the same solution… Truth is there’s no solution. Love can be many different things to many different people. William Shakespeare said “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind” he is expressing that you don’t fall in love with someone sole based on how they look but also with what’s on the inside. Love is a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection. It can also be defined as sexual passion or desire. It can be expressed in many ways like music or a kind jester from someone. People think that love can only be expressed through materialistic things but the real way to express your love is to be that person that they know they can look to for a smile or just be that person they can always come to for anything, even just a shoulder to lean on and someone to talk to. Love is a form of power, because by giving someone your heart you are also giving them the power to destroy it but trusting them not to, from the time you are born to the time you die you’re looking for love. It is that one thing that people long for, they think it is happiness and they're key to living instead of merely existing. Love can be the most complicated thing in life but for some reason no matter how challenging or painful, but we still manage to put ourselves through it hoping and praying that once we get that person everything is going to be ok if only it was true .. Do you think you could let go of love of your life if it made them happy? In Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you” song she said “I hope life treats you kind /And I hope you have all you've dreamed of. /And I wish to/you, joy and happiness. /But above all this, I wish you love.” Whitney is saying that she loves

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