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Love Essay

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  • on March 11, 2013
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Assignment 2 Week 3
Part 1 Anthony’s Dilemma
Anthony, inclusive language is important when communicating in class forums because it avoids stereotyping and hierarchy among social classes making it a part of business etiquette. Anthony, you should be mindful on how you phrase your words and how you communicate with people. Make sure that your social manners and your interpersonal relationship is on point because it is important in any business. The problem with your letter was in a way that it was a bit sexiest. You should have used words that made the letter’s audience exclusively for men when in fact; there is probably female amongst them also. You needed to take your time and wrote the letter so it sounded more professional and structured because it had a casual tone of the letter. To avoid making the same mistakes again, Anthony, what you should say instead of “hi guys” for a salutation, you should say “Dear colleagues”. Because with him writing it that way he is reaching out to both women and men and he is not offending anyone. This will make your letter sound more formal also. I suggest that he could use both male and female expressions if it is more appropriate.
Part 2
Explain the tone you used when writing Anthony. What did you avoid doing? What would you not want to do when writing to a classmate? When keeping online netiquette in mind, what will you want do when writing to your classmates or others in more formal communication? I think I used a casual tone with him. I explained to him what his mistakes were and how he could avoid them in the future. I also showed him ways to avoid being rude and disrespectful. We must keep in mind that our audience could be a classmate, or even a professor or colleague. I must also keep in mind not to be offensive or bias. I would also make sure that my tone of the letter is on point. When you are writing to a classmate online, you can easily forget that your online classmate also have feelings. Try to remember that...

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