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Name: Program: Female/Male Age 1 .Do you think physical is important? A. it is important B. it is somewhat important C. it is not very important 2 Do you often do some exercise? A. often B. sometimes C. seldom 3. Do you like hockey? A. yes that is my favorite sport B. l liked do it when l was young C. l hate hokey 4. Do you think it is still popular in Canada? A. of course, everybody loves it. B. I do not think so C. I do not know 5. Do you know the rules of hockey? A. I know them all B. I know some C. I do not know many 6. Did you play hokey when you were a kid? A. yes very often B. sometimes C. never 7. Would you like teach your kids hockey? A. of course B. maybe C. kids don’t need to learn that 8. Which sport is more popular in Canada, basketball or football? A. basketball B. football C. neither 9. Do you think football and basketball are dangerous? A. yes B. no C. we should be careful 10. Which kinds of sports do you like more? A. ball sports B. track and field C. other 11. How do you feel about the sports in the Olympic Games? A. I want to take part in it B. sometimes I watch it on TV C. I don’t find them interesting? 12. Would you like try extreme sports? A. I am addict to these sports B. I’d like to have a try C. never, it is too dangerous 13. Do you want to be an Athlete in the future? A. yes, that’s still my dream B. sometimes C. no, I never think of it 14. Did you change your favorite sports when you were growing up? A. yes B. no 15. How long do you do sports on a weekday on average? A. less than 1 hour B. 1-3 hours C. 3 hours or more 16. How long do you do on the weekends on average? A. less than 1 hour B. 1-3 hours C. 3 hours or more 17. Why do you like to do sports?

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