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Question- Should we place a higher tax on fast food? No Interesting facts * It is nearly impossible to drive through a city without passing several fast-food restaurants * Although very excisable they are high in fat and calories * 1972, $3 billion spent on fast food, in 2003, $110 billion on fast-food * On any day 1 out of 4 Americans eat fast food * French fries are the most eaten vegetable in America * Fast food is cheap as it is, adding an additional extra charge will not make it as expensive as something healthy * Although fast food is unhealthy they are coming up with new ways to make it healthier, like in 2005 McDonalds started adding pedometers in their salads or cutting portion sizes * McDonalds “pioneer” Ray Kroc made it easy and affordable to eat out Quotes * Tommy G. Thompson, Secretary of health and human Services during President George W. Bush’s term stated “ Overweight and obesity are among the most pressing new health challenges we face today” * Maya Rockeymoore of the National Urban League stated, “Many urban community dwellers would love to have better eating habits, but if there’s no grocery store nearby, you’re talking about getting on public transportation with a grocery cart.” Charts Evidence to why there should not be a tax on fast food Charts Interesting facts * 83 McDonalds in Manhattan alone * People these days are rushing from one place to another, having a easy place to stop for a quick bite is always what people want Quotes * Written by anonymous- “Though it seems like a great idea, the only people that would be affected are poor people and those who are keen with money. The wealthy, upper class people in society will shrug upon the tax and keep eating what they would like. Its a matter of the individual- whether he/she would like themselves to change.” *

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