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Valentine’s Day, just passed, his is the only holiday in the calendar, that is the celebration of an emotion. Why is it that we need to celebrate love? [Greetings] It's hard to give a textbook definition of love but it's almost like being wrapped in a big, fuzzy, heated blanket; except the blanket is the company of another person. Imagine you've found a person that you're always happy to see, someone with the innate ability to cheer you up no matter what; through the sheer power of hugs they manage to somehow make it all okay. You're dead broke? They don't mind; they just want to stay inside and watch cartoons in bed anyway. Had a particularly shitty day at work? Boom, surprise trip to the animal shelter to play with puppies. You might have a million little things to worry about over the course of the day, but it's no big deal because you woke up to him/her, and later that night, you'll go to sleep wrapped softly around him/her. They aren't perfect, no one is, but you don't really care. You might not even notice at first, but even when you do, it's not a fault, it's a quirk and it makes her unique and you love her even more. Then, as you stay together, and months turn into years, the love becomes less spectacular and huge, but it's still there. It's in the face of the woman that you've woken up to everyday for the last four years, it's in the way that you both know that you make better eggs, and she makes better tea. It becomes so clear to you that she's not perfect, but she's perfect for you and you'd do anything for her. She makes your heart swell up, and you feel warm when she gets near you because you know that she loves you too. You know that she's getting the same feels that you are because she makes you pancakes in bed on your birthday, and snuggles up to you when it's cold out. You're both aware that you each have this crazy, wonderful attachment to

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