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What is the one emotion that has everyone mystified? What emotion has more plays, songs, and stories written about it than anything else? Love one emotion that makes enemies into friends and friends into enemies. Love comes in so many different levels, that it doesn't appear to be the same emotion at all, but it is. It can tear people apart and make us do unexplainable things. What can this emotion not do? It's hard to tell, but there is a lot it can. This emotion, bring tears to our eyes when something happens to our family members, peers, and special someone. When we feel love away from us, as in being spurned by others, we do things we wouldn't normally do, such as we go on rampages, or mourn to the extent that our loved ones have to watch us every time to make sure we don't try to end our lives or suicide. Some can move on, always remembering the lost loved one after a while, but others cannot. These are the ones that need our love and support the most. There are so many levels to love. These are the ones we see most in life. Friendship is the first level. Yes, it doesn't seem like all of our friends are precious to us, but we do feel love towards them, they help us go along with our lives so well, and what is the reason of missing our friends when we don't see them for a long time. It's also the reason why we cannot let go of our certain friends no matter what happens. Sometimes, the bond between friends deepens to the point that there is a stronger bond of love that is made, making them our family. Another level of love, are for our siblings and other family members. Even though we do something for our family members, and sometimes we don't like some of our relatives, that bond is still there. It's this family bond level of love that brought us in the phrase, blood is thicker than water. We can do something for our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers,

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