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Alma-mater Like one’s bountiful mother There was an altruistic place, Where my fancy adolescence, Was carved into sophistication There I was taught who GOD was, It instilled in me my values. It taught me what my parents meant, And the need to be generous It held my finger when I was naïve, And showed me how to grow, Through all tough teenage years, It assisted my wisdom to grow. My parents gave me roots, But, the soil, heat and water it fed. And for all fruitful days in life, I owe it to my alma-mater. The strength with which I carry on, The confidence in my speech, Is all because I sat in a world, That taught me honesty, sincerity and peace. Its memories are immortal. And the images linger in my heart… And though in life I will move on, My school will always remain my sweetheart. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PROBLEMS OVER THE LIFE CYCLE OF SMALL TO MEDIUM-SIZED FIRMS Matthew W. Rutherford, Paul F. Buller, and Patrick R. McMullen This study uses a sample of 2,903 small to medium-sized firms to examine the manner in which HR problems vary over the organizational life cycle. We found that a four-stage model was appropriate. Interestingly, firm age did not emerge as a significant indicator of stage—the firms’ HR problems varied across stages defined by growth. Training problems were highest in high-growth firms and lowest in low-growth firms; compensation problems were highest in moderate-growth firms and lowest in high-growth firms; and recruiting problems were highest in no-growth firms and lowest in low-growth firms. © 2004 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Introduction It is widely held that new ventures experience different kinds of problems as they grow and mature. This so-called life cycle or stage model of organizational growth has received considerable empirical support (Dodge & Robbins, 1992; Hanks & Chandler, 1994; Kazanjian, 1988; Kazanjian

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