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Most of my high school journey has been pretty smooth no big problems or crazy accidents. Went and partied sometimes maybe smoked a few times nothing too wild. I guess you could say it was a very average life until one decision turned into more than a punishment, but a lifestyle. To me its been hard just thinking about how I got to the path of becoming a child raising a child. Being responsible for someone other than myself was a huge thing to take on. Yes for most it is a normal thing having a baby giving birth the whole nine yards type of deal, but everything changes when you put an age next to that sentence like 18. Most live by or have used the quote numbers do not matter. I look around though and a number must matter when family and friends are judging my situation based off a number. This very insignificant number that to the world tells them my wisdom or level of maturity and responsibility; however I disagree with the judgement they have put on me. I should not be an outcast for bring someone into this world just because of my age and my financial circumstances. Unfortunately people live to judge and make assumptions on how life will be and what our lives will look like, but instead of letting them make me think everything will be as they say I want to prove them that my life will be how I say it is. I want to be the mother who was able to raise her child right not matter how bad everything may be. Just carrying the child made me stronger and ready to take on more obstacles. Everywhere I went I was ready to show people that I could maintain my life while supporting my child. All this time I may have been treated like an outsider or someone who didn't belong, but in the long run it made me a stronger person. When I look back I’m glad that people were so harsh on

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