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Shaun Boyle English 1020 Prof Kerber Final Draft Paper 3 The idea of marriage has changed greatly over time. During the 17th century, arranged marriages were a common occurrence. This meant that the parents of the people who were to be married decided it for them. This practice often led to a huge difference between the person you married and the person you loved. However in the 20th century marriage was decided by the couples themselves. One thing that has not changed however is the importance of security within the relationship. In “Sonnet 116” William Shakespeare compares love to a 17th century sea voyage. Shakespeare says that while at sea you will in fact encounter storms and they will often be strong. Shakespeare’s security comes from the North Star to guide him, a good sturdy boat, and the protection of a harbor. When comparing a sea voyage to love, there will also be rough patches in the relationship. The North Star is in fact love, and with loyalty, commitment, and endurance be the basis for security he will be able to get through anything. In “Love Is Not All: It is not meat or drink” Millay also compares love to a sea voyage. More precisely a sea voyage that has taken a turn for the worse and the ship has wrecked. She describes people holding on to the broken parts of the ship for dear life, and others are drowning. Millay says that if you are about to go under that love by itself will not save you. Millay shows her sense of insecurity when she states, “I might be driven to sell your love for peace, Or trade the memory of this night for food. It well may be, I do not think I would.” She is stating that she is only in fact human, she can put up with a lot but, if things get too bad that she might have to sacrifice love. Millay and Shakespeare both agree that along the journey of love that there will be trying times.

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