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My career goals are the same as anyone elses, to be successful. In this economy especially at the moment, that is a hard thing to do if you do not have a post high school education. I enrolled in school after graduating high school to not only better myself by pursuing something that I am interested in and love to do but to make a difference in that industry as well. In this particular field it is hard as a woman, maybe not as hard as it used to be as more women are doing things they never used to, but still hard none the less. I am talking about the automotive field. I know that there are many deserving people of this scholarship that will be arguing their case, but I believe that I am one of those deserving people as well. I do not have a lot of experience in this field. I have not done a lot of work in this field other than side jobs on my own vehicles or vehicles of friends and family and the work i have performed on the vehicles when I am at school. I admit I do not have the experience, but what I do have is the motivation and drive to succeed in this field. I have always had an interest in the automotive field, but did not really have the access to it until Cerritos community college. I decided to enroll in the school after a long day of job hunting with no success. I went and saw the school for myself and was excited to see how hands on it was. I have learned a great amount at Cerritos community college. I have expanded on my mechanical and diagnostic skills added on with the knowledge and theory behind it and also my confidence has increased greatly as well. Everything I have taken in at Cerritos community college I can use to excel in the automotive field and my career. I may not have the experience just yet, but I will. Right now I do however have the drive to finish my education and take what I have learned and use it in the field to

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