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This question has been troubling humans for a long long time. Many people think money is more important because without money, love would be hard to fine. Others think that love is more important because even with money you may not find love. I remember tha golden oldie of Beatles Cany buy me love, which goes 'I dont care too much for money, for money cant buy me love...'. Love or money? Money or Love? The debate rages on. I have interacted with many people, both rich and poor, and I feel the answer is somewhere in between. It is indeed true that without money love would be hard to find, or rather, you may find love, but cannot enjoy love because you would be too busy working hard to make two ends meet. On the other hand, the person who has too much money cannot enjoy love because he or she is never sure whether the love came because of the money. Here I would like to cite the sample case of a man named X, a celebrity. X was a qualified intelligent individual with only one thought in his mind ..... the work hard and make money, lots of it. He had a good job and slogged at it day and night. Time went by, he got married and had a couple of sweet kids. His love for money was now amplified because he felt that he needed more money to give his children a good life. Subsequently, he neglected his family and worked even harder, got promotions and started climbing up the corporate ladder. He got himelf all the trappings associated with his status, but failed to share his thoughts with his near and dear ones. He had no time for his family. Thus somewhere along the line he disconnected with his wife and kids. One day his wife quietly moved out of his house and went to stay with her father for a few days along with his kids. The pressure of his job was such that he did not miss them. He put more emhasis on his job and his salary also spiked. A year passed and the day he

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