Love Essay

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Associate Program Material Appendix J Revision Analysis |Feedback Received |Revisions | | | | |List the details provided in your |What changes you will make to revise your paper based on this feedback? Explain your answer. | |feedback under each of the | | |following categories. | | |Example |Example | | | | |The instructor indicated that my |I will go through each page of my paper and remove the use of first person. I will rewrite each| |research paper should not be |sentence properly in third person. I will also review the material in the Center for Writing | |written in first person. |Excellence that will help me better understand how to use third person correctly. | |Instructor Feedback |I will make certain that my documents are doubled spaced. | |The instructor indicated the |I will make certain that in the future I use 12 point font. | |following. |I will adjust setting so that a 1” margin is present. | |Paper must be doubled space. |In the future I will choose either Times New

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