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An essay on The Visit to a Historical Place – Agra. India is a country of rich culture and centuries of history and tradition of its own. Thus the country is full of places which are rich in tradition, are important historically, economically, politically, or sociologically. Moreover, the diversity that it presents baffles the people because the diversity is not only geographical but social and cultural as well. Thus, India attracts thousands of tourists from all around the globe. Last year I had a chance to visit Agra with my uncle’s family. As soon as I got the invitation, I accepted it because Agra has been a great center of art and architecture during the Mughal period. It goes to the credit of Akbar to transform Agra into a great city of cultural and historical importance. History stands testimony that the old brick fort of Sikandar Lodhi was dismantled by Akbar and a magnificent fortress of rust coloured sandstone was built. For the same reason the Fort of Agra is also known as ‘Lal Quila’. This fort was built by Akbar in AD 1565. It took 8 years to be completed. The Fort is said to have 500 buildings in the style of Bengal and Gujarat. This is what Akbar’s historian Abul Fazal had recorded. But unfortunately only a few survive today and the successors of Akbar too subsequently made a few changes and additions. The Fort stands on the banks of the river Yamuna with double walls to protect it. These walls are very high. The fort has four gates. Presently, the entry to the fort is allowed through the gate in the south of the fort called the Amar Singh Rathore Gate is a stone statue of a hourse’s head built by Amar Singh Rathore of Jodhpur in remembrance of his faithful horse that had jumped the walls of the fort and lost its legs in order to save its master. The other two gates near the river situated in the North and East have been closed now. The gate on

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