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The variety of methods, storage types and locations for all types of data throughout the company creates numerous security risks and compliance issues for Riordan Manufacturing. Additionally, current storage of client data on company laptops causes additional potential security risks in the event of lost or stolen laptops. Because of this risk, encryption of company data on laptops is highly recommended. For connection security whether using a personal PC or a company laptop, linking with use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will add an additional security measure for Riordan. Furthermore, remote access with a VPN could eliminate the need to store client information on personal or work laptops. It's important to state one disadvantage while utilizing VPN, speed is going to be a problem while trying to access information depending on file size. But it still can provide benefits to security while accessing information remotely. The storage of hard copy client data in file cabinets raises the need for improved physical security. Most of these documents will be stored digitally with proper security procedures at a central location; on-site paper filing should only encompass a short time period - no more than a year. New procedures should allow automatic digital storage of nearly all information the company uses, while archives only currently available in paper form will require scanning. Accounting, sales, and production data are not the only sources of information needing protection. Research and Development, product design data, and other intellectual property should also be treated with sufficient security. Loss of these types of data to competitors could severely damage the corporation. Riordan Manufacturing's lack of security policies regarding any of their data created security risks and would definitely cause audit challenges with their SOX audit. Evaluation

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