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Mackenzie Meyer Mr. Kuhle Composition II March 8, 2012 Defining Love Love to me is the ultimate prize in life; it shows me a new world beyond the existence of my everyday occurrences. Love may seem indescribable to many, but to me it is easy to describe. When experiencing something so precious and heart wrenching makes love easier to describe. That perfect, most amazing smile that is first received or the pounding in the heart that won’t stop, or that sweet taste of every single kiss is what changes the view of the emotional souls. A lot of people say “I love you,” but don’t truly know the real meaning of it. Love gives us the strength to feel so affectionate for someone else. My description of love is that it is found on the battle field of two passionate ambitious hearts. Every chill and goose bump that crosses my body reveals my emotions to the world. The power that love gives off that flows from every tear drop and erases all of the bad memories before this moment, cleansing my body and my soul. I feel my heart vying, drubbing in my chest, every beat carting me closer to the reigns of love. The endowing smells of love in the air initiates me senseless, and I feel the clout of the grasp of love upon my emotional soul. Beholding the gift of love is more powerful and more superior than I have ever imagined. Love is like the wind, because it is not visible, but can be felt. Being capable of knowing something so exquisite exists, simply by experiencing it and getting the chance to feel and express it is changes yourself completely. Love is a powerful emotion that comes with life, it can leave good memories, but also bad. To love does not always turn out the way you want it to. Sometimes love messes with your head and spins it around in circles a vast amount of times until your confused enough to give up. Love’s strength can pull you

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