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When it comes to love there are many different ways to define it even the dictionary tends to have various meanings for this simple four letter word. As a child I assumed love was when I received something from my parents and as I got older I thought it was finding my knight and shining armor to run away with and live with our children and dog with the white picket fence like on television. Now days I know love means so much more and it is not as easy to come by as I thought. One of the very first parts of love that I believe is the most important would be trust because without trust there is nothing. When people are in love they open up their hearts to each other and trust that they will take care of each other no matter what may happen down the road as well as staying faithful and always being there for one another. Love also consists of being friends and having things in common. Being friends is important because this is the person I will tell all my secrets and fears to and know it safe between us. It also helps because being able to do simple things together like shopping, going to a movie, or even watching our favorite television show help to keep a relationship strong and these are all things that a friend would do together. With friendship also comes trust and respect all of which builds the foundation of any relationship. Spending to me together is another way to make love stronger because it helps us to have a better understanding of each other and we get to know each other better as well. Love has an abundance of meanings when it comes to various people and many people feel like love comes in different stages as well as ages. Love consists of caring for someone so deeply that if they were to leave or pass away the other person would feel lost or like a piece of them is missing. When two people in love are away from each other for long periods of time they

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