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Love What is love? Is it truly something which stems from the need for companionship, or is it simply chemical reactions in your mind which give the impression of wanting someone? Is it just as the name of a popular band puts it, “My Chemical Romance”? What if we don’t actually need anyone, but we delude ourselves into the notion that life would not be worth living if we don’t have someone? I do not agree with this point though, I think that we do need love to live because many other essential human qualities such as compassion and passion stem from the feeling of love or being loved. They say that every night someone falls asleep thinking of you with a smile on their face. But what if that person is someone you bumped into on the street and left an impression on? What if that’s it? Just them. Someone you’ll never see again, gone in a brush of a shoulder? What if that’s all we get? Life is long and to spend it alone would be something no person should experience. “It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.”-Moulin Rouge. Personally I think it is. Yes, losing love would be a crippling experience, enough to make people do stupid things. But isn’t never having loved even worse? Feeling cold and isolated is far worse than having a feeling of grievance in my opinion. At least you would have a warm feeling when you remember the person you lost. It is basic human instinct to seek companionship and compassion from other living creatures. But what happens when this need is denied? Should someone have to carry on as normal and pretend nothing happened? Or should they break down for all to see, leaving themselves weak and vulnerable? When someone falls in love they walk on the clouds because they feel so elated and euphoric, yet there is always that element of

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