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Everyone knows that love can be very irrational. Falling in love is easy; whereas falling out of love is the hardest. The biggest mistake girls make when they breakup with their ex-boyfriends is that they try to forget them in an instant. As you know, they always end up thinking of them all the time. You must remember that there is no way you can overcome the sorrow immediately, so you need to follow some steps to get over a broken heart. First of all, grieve as long as you want. You can shout or cry out to express how sad you are. Feel the love for your ex-boyfriend in your heart and allow the memories and good feelings to flow if you want. However, at the same time, accept the truth that it is over. Most importantly, do not force yourself to stop thinking of him because you need to go through the grief of loss. Then, your melancholy heart will overpower your love for him. Next, stop loving your ex-boyfriend. This is as hard as to ask your heart not to beat, but you have to do this. In order to discontinue loving him, you can start by keeping things that remind you of him away from your sight. Also, do not go to places where you had gone with him. Stop reminding yourself the wonderful days you two had. By doing this, you admit that the relationship has come to an end. From now on, no matter how things go, you would be okay. Finally, change yourself into a new person. This is a time of rebirth for you. Get new interests in sports or develop new hobbies. Join new clubs or groups to make new friends, too. Moreover, keep in mind that this is a very good opportunity to learn who you are and know what you want in life. The pain you have been feeling inside is telling you something about yourself, and soon you would find the answers you want. When you get to this point, you can love again and start a new relationship with someone

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