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Knowing clearly about words would help you feel more familiar with them and remember them longer. Moreover, learning about the various meaning of words would help you feel more interested in reading and understanding an essay or an article.”Love” is one of the most interesting words, which sound really simple and easy to understand; however, the word love has a very interesting history and different meanings during the time. According to the assignment, “by studying a word’s history, you will gain greater insight into the flexibility of language and the importance of meaningful reading and writing,” and I found that studying the history of the word “love” is one of the easiest examples of that quote. Until now, there are a hundred of definitions of love; however, there are just a few historical documents of the word love, and most of them have the same root for people just collected its history and made it become their own history of the word love. As I research, the word love was once leubh which was used by the Proto-Indo-Europeans five thousand years ago to mean care and desire. Later on, it was incorporated into Old English as lufu, and it had turned into both a noun to describe- “Deep affection”, and its offspring verb- “to be very fond of.” Moreover, Old English lufu has been relating with other languages in the world, such as, Frisian- luve, Old High German- Luba, Gothic - lubo. There is also a cognate, lof, in early forms of the Scandinavian languages. Moreover, the Indo-Europeans had come from Latin lubet, which is pleasing, and lubido, which is desire. From time to time, from this country to another country, the meaning of love is different and has shifted through time. Maya Angelou, a psychologist said,” Love is like a virus. It can happen to anybody at any time”. For instance, from Middle English onward, the meaning of love was to

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