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You would feel deep despair if your sweetheart left you. Sometimes you feel you cannot control your thoughts, they are obsessively on her. You feel happy when you are doing something to make her happy. You would rather be with her than anyone else. You’d get jealous if you thought she were falling in love with someone else. You yearn to know all about her. You want her—physically, emotionally, and mentally. You sense your body responding when she looks, smiles, speaks, touches you. She seems to be always on your mind. You want her to know all about you—your thoughts, your problems, your fears, your hope. You always long to share every moment with her. You eagerly look for signs indicating her desire for you. You get extremely depressed when things don’t go right in your relationship with her. Instead of any of the above, consider these options... Take the time to know each other's heart - when you do you will be more understanding and less apt to misunderstand another's intentions, which probably were never meant to hurt or upset you to begin with. Smile more often - it may cause a few wrinkles, at the very least, but then so does frowning. You choose what kind you'd rather have. And as you ponder that choice, keep in mind that they can both be contagious. Wouldn't you rather be greeted by smiles than frowns? Love causes less stress, less heartache, less misunderstandings, less of just about everything negative. Love does reap rewards - happiness, health, joy, peace, and so much more that's positive. Isn't that what we want most for this world of ours? Isn't this a much prettier picture? Remember the portrait? It's not impossible and we can all help to paint it. We can at least try, right? Think about

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