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Journal Today’s class topic is one of my favorites we have had so far. I really enjoy discussing what is love and about marriage. My definition of love is a strong affection for another. But love can mean many other things to different people. Love can be a feeling that makes one person cry, but it can make the next person smile. It all depends on how much you know about love and if you have experienced it or not. Others can take love seriously by some and as a joke. People who have never experienced love may not believe in it and make fun of the people who claim that they are in love. The people who take love seriously may have been in love once before and may know what it feels like. It can be a feeling that a person may never know they had. A person can be in love, but since they may not believe in it, they may never know they had that feeling. There are two different kinds of love. First there is the love that you have for your parents, family, and close friends. Then there is the kind of love that not too many people can find. It is the love that a person has for a girlfriend or boyfriend. There can be true love and untrue love. Two people may think they are in love but they still may have a doubt in their minds. This is untrue love. Then there is the couple who will be together until the day they die. To me this is true love. Sometimes a person cannot tell the difference between the two and then they may develop a bad feeling towards the feeling of love. Love can be many things and love cannot be many things. Some may claim they are in love with a person but they may just care about them a lot. This can be the kind of person who says they love another person but would rather spend their time doing other things and being with other people. Love is not something that a person can go looking for. It is also something that a person cannot go out looking for.

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