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There is love that is hesitant to pass the threshold and come to you, a love which strikes suddenly, everything breaks down and goes, love is waiting too long, but it never comes, but there is a love that comes to to remain both in the past and future, it is worth every possible and impossible price, even if that love ravaged hearts forever. How will you know her? In special sparkle in your eyes! Love is like breathing, from birth we can do it, anyone who loved us smile, who take our hands and we hug, and then plants occurs more frugal of love and scary we want when we are overwhelmed and lonely when you're go to friends when we leave happiness to have someone to tell us I am here I am with you, no never forsake! It is so easy to lose one's presence, but how to get rid of the absence of someone whom you love more. It's like pain that you're so used that terrible pain of this that is gone! Love is fearful and jealous of the power of the past, old stories so follow it and torture that can kill her. We all love her past, we can not erase it, but we can go to clean brushed the dust from it and face it - not my first one, I have first met now so it should! In love takes many steps to the top and bottom to only one! Some people flip through our lives, others stop for a moment and leave a trace in our hearts, and then, then we can never be the same! Sometimes you love it until it hurts, it hurts and it's too late! They say that love is not finding someone to live, and someone without whom you can not live. I know such love, I know what it is to fall in love every time the same person and it makes happy, mad as a separation of 17 and come just to show that these two will just break hearts! I believe in forbidden love, she has no time for anything retail, allows your Vilified all directions, scattered Swear go against his conscience, collect all the

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