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“Stories of passionate love relationship between men and women exist throughout our literature and are treasured part of our cultural heritage. The great love affairs of Lancelot and Guinevere, Heloise and Aberald, Romeo and Juliet live for us as symbols of physical passion and spiritual devotion” (Branden, 1980). As we all are the products of the culture we are born into, the priorities we identify in the course of life rarely exclude finding someone to love and to establish partnership with. Through the course of our living, we develop values upon affections we feel for other people. Love is a powerful and multifaceted feeling, implying caring for someone deeply. Romantic love is only one aspect of this strong emotion we strive for so enthusiastically. The friendly love, involving fidelity, understanding and support; family love, based on indestructible, everlasting, requiring no logical reasoning, connections; and even pet love, generated from an ability to find joy in taking care, devoting ourselves to creatures so different and so responsive, – are all the faces of love that make our lives so beautiful and so full of sense. Many social studies and surveys are concerned with the single people versus married people ratio. The statistics show that there are 96.6 million of unmarried Americans older than 18, representing 43% of the adult population of US. Of this 96.6 millions 53 % are women. Of those unmarried US inhabitants, 61 % have never been married, 24 % divorced and 15 % widowed. It is important to note that “unmarried” does not mean “single” in a given context. Thus, in the year of 2008 only 27 % of all households were represented by singles, while 6.2 million was a number of unmarried couples living together (U.S. Census Bureau News, 2010). Love is universal and boundless, while the traditions of expressing romantic feelings vary between cultures

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