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Film WWI Part 1. Bruno - 9 years old, brown hair son of a German officer. Loves exploring new places and finding out new things. Becomes friends with a Jewish person name Shmuel not knowing that he is really supposed to be is enemy. Mother – Clueless of what is going with the Jewish people until Lieutenant Kotler tells what the Nazi soldiers do to the Jews. She is very caring and innocent person throughout the movie. Father – He is a High Ranked Nazi Solider. Accepts the fact that lieutenant Kotler tells his wife what they do to the Jews even though they were sworn to secrecy. Maria – She was the maid of the family. I’m not sure if she was a Jew. Gretel – Changes throughout the story. At the beginning she is very nice and respect the fact the winning is not everything. Towards the end of the story she believes that all Germans should win everything. Also she starts to follow by the Hitler “Rules“. Grandma – Doesn’t respect Hitler or the Nazi soldiers as people. Believe that all people should be treated the same. Grandpa – A Retired Nazi Solider. Respects his son from following behind his footsteps. Lieutenant Kotler – Mean and aggravated solider. Begins giving Gretel books and magazines on Hitler. Shmuel – A young Jewish boy who has to live life in the concentration camp. He’s an optimistic and friendly child. He forgives Bruno after lying to lieutenant Kotler Pavel – The Family’s waiter who used to be a doctor. He also cleaned a bandaged Bruno’s knee when he fell of the swing. He was later beat to death because he spelt wine on lieutenant Kotler. Part 2. 1. Mother is so strict about letting Bruno go exploring because she is scared about what Bruno will find while exploring. Such as going to the “farm” to explore and make new friends because he seen it through his window. Also she is strict about letting Bruno go exploring because he might find

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