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Defining Love Amour. Liebe. Rakkaus. Amor. Liefde. Kärlek. Láska. Love. Love is a word that has been used throughout the advancement of civilization and a feeling that has been around longer than someone could think up a word it describe it. The word “love” comes in many different forms around the world, and just like any other word, it changes. So what makes the word so special? Since the start of time, poets, play writes, actors, artists, musicians, and everyone else has been trying to answer that question. What does love mean? Love looks different in different people’s eyes, just like the word itself changes with language. There are different kinds of love people experience. Love means something else to everyone, the feeling itself comes in many different forms. I know I experience love in several different ways every day. I love my friends, I love my sister, I love my parents, I love my dog, I love music, but these all mean different things. Love is what keeps me going. Love is what makes me happy and love is what makes all of us who we are. Love is such an important and essential emotion to human life, and no matter which form you experience love in each day or how you view it, love is, always has been, and always will be the most important part of the way we live. If you were to ask one hundred people what they thought love was, every single one would most likely have a different answer. Love would mean something different to a single mother than it would a young married couple or a kindergartener. However, all of these people would be right. There is no wrong answer to the question that everyone asks- what is love? Even the dictionary can not make up its mind about what love is, as it lists twenty-five definitions for the word. Depending on the situation, love is either a word easily used or one used in reserve. For

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