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Rafting with ‘HIM’ ‘ Hey , did I just forget to close the windows last night ?” Yes I did forget . It was a cold and windy morning . The hot water in the shower wake my sleepy and lazy face . I went to breakfast and straightly to rafting . I see him waiting at me at the beach with his little ill brother on a wheel chair . He introduce me to him . Actually his brother is kind of cute . Joey and me help to build the raft . its really hard building a raft , even if 2 person is building it . After a few hours building the raft finally came out . We have our lunch on the beach first then we only continue our rafting . During the rafting we fell off a lot of times but its really fun . his brother was sitting on the beach looking at us . When we finish rafting we take his brother on a walk on the beach . We also waited until the sun set . The sun set part was the most amazing romantic thing I have ever saw . I went back to my hotel alone . I slept tiredly and snored loudly too . Thinking what will I be doing tomorrow . …… We became Best Friends and soon what will we became …… I wake a little late because I felf very sick . Joey call me and I told him I was feeling ill so I can’t go out and play with him today . After he hang up the phone , there was somebody knocking my door room . I open the door and guess who apeard in front of me ? Its Joey . He bring a packet of porriage with me and he say he will be acomping me today . I felt very curious but I did not refuse his good deed . When he was walking to me I say ‘ Joey , you are my best friend forever ‘ . HE look at me and smile sadly . Suddently , he ask me a question ‘ Will you be my girl friend ?’ I was shocked and I answer ‘ you are my best friend and no want will change this position including you ‘ . He’s face turn red and he say nevermind . I was sad too but I do not like him . Everybody deserves to

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