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Jamestown DBQ: Why Did So Many Colonists Die? Name: Document Analysis Questions Period: Document A 1. What is brackish water? 2. What twice daily event would cause water levels around Jamestown to rise and cause wells and freshwater streams to become brackish? (hint: the moon) 3. According to Carville Earle, what happened to human waste that got dumped into the river? 4. What inference can you make about the effect of tides on health in Jamestown? 5. Consider the last paragraph. What time of the year do you think starvation was most likely to happen? Document B 1. What is indicated by a sharp spike below the 0 line? What were the dates of the first five years of settlement in Jamestown? (See Background Essay) 2. Look at the years 1580 to 1640. During which period did Jamestown suffer its longest unbroken period of drought? 3. In the winter of 1609-1610, Jamestown experienced what settlers called the “starving time.” Based on this document, what inference can you make about the cause of this “starving time”? 4. Is there any way lack of rain might strain English relations with the Powhatans? Explain. Document C 1. How many settlers arrived in May 1607? 1608? How many had known occupations? 2. How many of the settlers from either group were female? 3. What is a “gentlemen”? 4. Of the 110 settlers who arrived in May 1607, nearly 70 were dead by December. Is there anything in the ship lists that helps explain why? Document D 1. Is this a primary source or a secondary source? 2. Why did Francis West sail up the Chesapeake? 3. Is there any evidence that the English forced the Native Americans to trade their grain? 4. What eventually happened to the shipload of grain? 5. In what ways can you use this document to help answer the question: Why did so many settlers die? Document E 1. What is

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