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A man is the sum total of his genes and all that he has been. And so long as he lives he is still to learn the game of living. A vital art of survival in this game Is the knowledge of love and forgivness. with these tools one finds the courage to reach inward and sprout root in the soil of a swirling world. To love is a divine act of God and forgivnenss is a direct consequence of love. it is the first step to knowing the truth about ourselfs. it is a source of inner strenght and development. most people hold on to unfortunate situations in the past. they replay and expand these incidence in their head. looking at the diffrent ways it should have happened or how they should have responded. this hinders them from learning the lessons, moving on and making better decisions however, these resentment and regret is often repressed when not timely addressed. it sinks to deeper levle of the mind. the sub-conscious. and over time it becomes perverted manifesting itself in a more sadistic and disguised form self forgiveness is more important. if one is strong to forgive what we have done to ourselves surely we would be able to let go too when others do us wrong. the art of forgiving involves accessing, analysing and resolving the regretable issues in such a way that you can replay the incident in your head and not feel guilt or remorse. astrid the main character in janet fitch's novel white oleander finds herself struggling with sexual abuse, isolation from society, love and forgivness issues when she was thrown into fostal care after her mother commited murder. but astrid confronted and came to terms with herself.she could look at her life without the shakles of guilt and shame. she converted the complex relationship she had with her mum and the experiences in the difrrent foster homes into art works or 'Alters' as she calles them. astrid could objectify each situation

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