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What We Talk About When We Talk About Love. This story tell about a day long conversation between two couples Mel cardiologist and his wife Teresa- Terry, Nick and his wife Laura that are married form 1,5 years. This conversation starts at kitchen around a table with a bottle of gin on it. The main character Mel asks a question that perplexes him all this five years. What is real love? Nick and Laura on contrast show their glow love and their affection movement. Mel and Terry married for five years when their stanza of “I love you, I love you” (Carver 138), can not masks their anger and fade of love. Through the Mel author Raymond Carver bring to readers how divorce and alcohol fade the love and all meaning of life. Mel tells a story of his wife and her ex-boyfriend Ed, his abusive and possessive love for Terry.”He bit and dragged her through the kitchen from her ankle and kept saying he loves her.” Terry still believes that he loves her “he love her on his way” (Carver 138). Mel explains that is not love. She continue to say that Ed love her so much and hi died because he loves her. She believes he died because he loves her so much, she believes in obsessed love. Mel drinks another glass of gin. Carver brings alcohol to climax their conversation. Mel believes in spiritual love He is totally against an abusive love. On other side he is trying to kill his ex- wife because she is economically depend on him. Nick and Laura are not participation actively on conversation Laura and Nick are touching and kissing each others as to assure their love. There are couples that love and respect each other. Their love makes Terry to feel jealous and she said to her” stop that now you’re making me sick. You are still on the honeymoon. You area still gaga, Just wait” (Carver 143). Terri said they were also happy in their relationship before five years, by the time thinks change

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