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Love Story Of The Month The Other Side ACQ Synopsis In an attempt to define the phrase “The other side,” a sexual encounter might have been experienced from the other side. At the dinner table one evening my mother said, “Dear did you know that Dottie’s brother-in-law is from the other side?” my father, visibly uninterested about her remark, simply responded “Mmmmhah!” but not me, I immediately asked Uncle Larry. My uncle was twenty years younger than Dad, and to me he was my big brother and my confidant. He said, “That’s how older folks describe people of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds.” “Ok!” I said, meaning that the explanation seemed somewhat vague but coming from Larry was acceptable. I often wondered which side my family came from. My upbringing was strict at home. “Young lady if you don’t behave, you’ll be grounded for a month,” was something I heard from time to time. Learning by experience was never an option, but in school I was taught to respect to be respected and above all be honest, I always said, be yourself and then learn from others. The following day, I met my friend for the usual walk to school we did together every morning. As I got near I said “Hey what’s new?” then she asked, “Did I ever tell you about James Dean?” and with a touch of irony, as if I didn’t know who she meant, I said “Do I really look that dumb?” “No, I’m sorry I don’t mean the actor, I’m talking about my brother’s friend. We call him JD because of his resemblance to the actor, he’s blonde blue eyed and he’s gorgeous! All the girls in my family want his attention including my mom that keeps asking him personal questions, but he is a gentleman and answers all of them with outmost respect, I guess she feels he is from somewhere else in this planet.” And then I thought perhaps he is from the other side. One week later, on my birthday, I met JD. My

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