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Literature Project | Louise Bennett | Angel CochraneForm 2-2Mrs. Joseph | 5/29/2012 5/29/2012 Table of Contents Picture of Louise Bennett | Page 1 | Biography of Louise Bennett | Page 2 | Collection of 15 poems:Over LondonCensusMout-amassiDutty ToughColonization in reverseBans a killinNo Lickle TwangNew ScholarBack to AfricaCuss CussLove LetterDry-foot BwoySocial ClimbingYuh bright den yuh got the right to educationPass fi White | Page 4Page 5Page 5-6Page 6Page 6-7Page 7Page 7-8Page 8Page 9Page 9-10Page 10Page 11Page 11- 12Page 12Page 12- 13 | Picture of Louise Bennett / Biography of Louise Bennett Louise Simone Bennett- Coverley or Miss Lou was born on the 7th September 1949 in Kingston, Jamaica. She was the daughter of the late Augustus Cornelius Bennett and his wife Kerene (nee Robinson). She was educated at Calabar Elementary School, Ebenezer Primary, St. Simons College, Excelsior High School and Friends College. The young Louise always had an irrepressible sense of humor and a flair for dramatics. She described herself as "an average student". Her first dialect poem was written when she was fourteen years old. On Christmas morning 1936 Louise made her first real public appearance when she performed at the annual concert at the Coke Methodist Church. She was then 17 years old. She recited a poem she had written in Jamaican dialect and received a prize of one guinea ;( $2.10) from MC Eric Coverley, who would later become her husband. When Louise Bennett began writing and reciting her dialect poems in the late 1930's and early 1940's she was regarded as an embarrassment. Speaking dialect was felt to be socially unacceptable and only the poor and illiterate spoke patois. The British (Oxford) accent was regarded as the epitome of cultured speech. At Excelsior High School even some of the teachers did not see the value of Louise

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