Louisiana Purchase Essay

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While the sale of the territory by Spain back to France in 1800 went largely unnoticed, fear of an eventual French invasion spread nationwide when, in 1801, Napoleon sent a military force to secure New Orleans. Southerners feared that Napoleon would free all the slaves in Louisiana, which could trigger slave uprisings elsewhere.[8] Though Jefferson urged moderation, Federalists sought to use this against Jefferson and called for hostilities against France. Undercutting them, Jefferson took up the banner and threatened an alliance with Britain, although relations were uneasy in that direction.[8] In 1801 Jefferson supported France in its plan to take back Saint-Domingue, then under control of Toussaint Louverture after a slave rebellion. Jefferson sent Livingston to Paris in 1801 after discovering the transfer of Louisiana from Spain to France under the Third Treaty of San Ildefonso. Livingston was authorized to purchase New Orleans. In January 1802, France sent General LeClerc to Saint-Domingue to re-establish slavery, reduce the rights of free people of color and take back control of the island from slave rebels. This colony had been the wealthiest for France in the Caribbean, and Napoleon wanted its productivity restored. Alarmed about the French actions and its intention to re-establish empire in North America, Jefferson declared neutrality in relation to the Caribbean, refusing credit and other assistance to the French but allowing war contraband to get through to the rebels to prevent France from getting a foothold again.[9] In November 1803, France withdrew its 7,000 surviving troops from Saint-Domingue (more than two-thirds of its troops died there) and gave up its ambitions in the western hemisphere.[10] In 1804 Haiti declared independence but, fearing a slave revolt at home, Jefferson and the US Congress refused to recognize the new republic, the second

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