Louis D. Brandeis

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The Life of Louis D. Brandeis Louis D. Brandeis was born in the year of 1856 in Louisville, Kentucky, his family had immigrated from Prague during the 1840´s. Louis D. Brandeis‘s background consisted of Jewish and Christian beliefs. Brandeis studied law at Harvard gaining the highest of honors from his graduating class of 1877, he went on to settle in Boston with former Harvard classmate Samuel D. Warren and began their firm now known as the Nutter, McLennen and Fish, catering to Jewish wholesalers. Brandeis went on to “become a successful lawyer, spending a good deal of his time pursuing cases with a political bent“(“Louis D. Brandeis, The social thought of Mr. Justice Brandeis). Brandeis represented smaller companies against giant corporations which paralleled a noted book he had written earlier in his time which expressed views on his support of competition over monopolies. In the year of 1916 he was appointed a Supreme Court judge, the first Jew ever to be appointed to this position. He died in the year of 1941 in Washington D.C. Louis D. Brandeis was a Reformer who advocated privacy and was also interested in freeing the government from corruption, by making democratic government a reality, and using the law to protest monopolies being performed by the bigger companies Louis Brandeis was not one to resolve just one issue, Brandeis focused on problems ranging from monopolies of the big and small companies to the improvement of working conditions for women. The competition between big companies and smaller companies seemed unfair as they formed monopolies in which he sought to defend the much smaller corporations. Moving on to another issue dealt with severely by Brandeis was that of women who were often overworked for low wages. Lastly a issue Brandeis addressed wasn’t one of just the United States but that of an international one for Jews around the
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