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Who is Louis XIV? Louis was chosen long ago to be king of France. Of all the best rulers in Europe, the most powerful and the best example of one, was Louis XIV of France. Even though Louis had some failures, he also had many successes. He had control over France’s money and had a lot different ways to get his power, as well as keeping it, and he knew how to appoint jobs to smart, but loyal people. Louis was chosen long ago to be king of France. Even his birth was public. Louis XIV is a paradigm* of European monarchs. He was known as Louis the Great, The Grand Monarch, and the Sun King. Louis lived from 1638 until 1715. He reigned as king of France from 1643 until 1715. He was actually in power from 1661 until 1715. How did the idea of building ‘Chateau de Versailles’ start? Louis XIV, the sun king wanted to build a grand place to escape Parisian mobs and to keep an eye out on his scheming nobles. When his chief minister Cardinal Mazarin died in 1661, Louis XIV wanted to show his kingdom, France his power. In really bad timing his finance manager Nicolas Fouquet had finished building his new place called Vaux-le-Vicomte. Fouquet had invited Louis XIV to his new palace for a weekend of ‘extravagant’ entertainment. Louis also to show how wealthy he too was, the king imprisoned Fouquet. He then hired his building team Louis Le Vau, the architect, Andre Le Norte, the landscape designer, and Charles Le Brun, the interior artist. He was going to start work on a much bigger and grander chateau. Louis XIV was determined to show a symbol to embody majesty and power of the French

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